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It’s been said that music is the language of the soul, a concept Maame Danso has taken to heart throughout their career as a professional in the music industry. Explore their portfolio to see the work that showcases the highlights of their musical experience and tracks their creative development.


Music Career Development


Self-released debut single "Saving Grace" as a DIY artist on June 2017 and received 6000 streams on Soundcloud in three months including being featured on indie music charts. Released debut EP Nov of 2018. Received positive critical acclaim from notable indie bloggers such as Bandcamp Diaries and IndieNation Blog. Currently working on future projects featuring fan favorite tunes.


Maame is a strong advocate for supporting the local artist community. After attending a year in music business school she realized a great need in educating others on how to support and adapt in a constant changing industry. She has shared her views on indie platforms such as BE UNIQUE and TwistOnline.


Maame has built lasting relationships in the music industry while performing at venues such as Gypsy Sally's and Epicure Cafe as well as being invited to open for The Watch and Belle Of The Fall.


Debut single was featured on Vittek Tapes mixtape in March 2018 and later offered a distribution/licensing deal from an indie label headquared in New York the summer of 2018. Maame's work has been featured on playlists and compilation works under indie label Rehegoo Music Group, NY the summer of 2018.

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